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Campus Program

September - November 2021

Welcome home to our new Campus Program! We've redesigned our scheduling to give you more choices for your classes.


Our sessions are now centered around a 10-week system, where we constantly look at our members' progress and celebrate their work throughout the entire year.

New classes and new time slots gives you even more opportunities for growth and enrichment in the areas you want to learn.


Smaller class sizes gives our members the benefits of a devoted coaching experience along with the support of a close-knit group of peers.

Our New Schedule

Schedule for Website.png

Class Fees and Supplies

Our love for creativity is always met with a passion for accessibility. We keep our door open to all with the love of learning, and we focus our resources to serve communities with great potential for growth and development.

Our music classes all carry the same fee of $125 for the full 10-week program. We do not provide instruments for our members, but we can lend instruments while they obtain their own.

The theatre class requires a fee of $300 for the full 10-week program. The class meets multiple times a week and may require additional fees to cover supplies such as scripts, costumes, and other production needs.

Saturday's art classes carry a fee of $125 for the full 10-week program. Common supplies such as paper and pencil should be supplied by the members taking the class, but further supplies, such as acrylic paints and specialty pencils will be provided for the members.

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