About RCEP

Red Roses Creative Enrichment Program Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization incorporated in 2019 for the following purposes: To promote creativity and expression through the performing arts, which include theatre, music, and all other forms of expression or performance before an audience, and to such end:

  • to conduct classes and workshops for training and study in these arts available to all, including children, youth and young adults

  • to institute and present public programs in the performing arts

  • to further creative expression in the performing arts, in both traditional and experimental forms, and to encourage experimentation in new forms


The organization focuses in cultivating an environment for personal and professional growth. RCEP supports students' academic progress alongside their journey and exploration in the arts. Alongside our professionally active staff, students also receive additional instruction, workshops, and performance opportunities from guest artists. RCEP aspires to deliver fulfilling and successful careers for both the students and staff while tapping into their talents for excellent results.

Our Mission Statement

RCEP provides inner-city youth and young people with access to opportunities for creative enrichment, empowerment, and a safe space through creative fields and experiences.