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Located in the historic West Adams district near downtown Los Angeles,

Red Roses Creative Enrichment Program (RCEP) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit membership organization focused on:

  • providing historically excluded youth and first-generation artists with better access to artistic education and performance opportunities in theatre, music, and other forms of creative expression

  • conducting classes and workshops for training and study in these arts for children, youth, and young adults

  • to institute and present public programming in the creative arts

  • to further creative expression in both traditional and experimental forms, encouraging experimentation in new forms

Who are we?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide inner-city youth, young people, and historically excluded individuals access to opportunities for creative enrichment, empowerment, and a safe space through creative arts and experiences.


As an organization, we focus on cultivating an environment for personal and professional growth. RCEP supports members' academic progress alongside their journey and exploration in the arts.


Alongside our professionally active staff, members also receive additional instruction, workshops, and performance opportunities from guest artists. RCEP aspires to deliver fulfilling and successful livelihoods for both members and staff while tapping into their talents and experiences.

Our Values


Our founding team, being previous art program kids themselves (Reynaldo Cartagena, A Place Called Home Alumni; Jacky Jung, Academy of Visual and Performing Arts Alumna), knew the importance and positive impact a supportive and thriving arts community can have on young minds.


Using our instructors' collective experiences in enriching and empowering art spaces, our primary focus is to provide better access to arts education for youth and young adults who are historically excluded from artistic spaces: folks in lower-income backgrounds, inner city folks, BIPOC youth, and or first-generation artists in their families.


We believe in providing a positive, enriching experience and meeting our members where they are at in their artistic journies.


Especially in navigating post-pandemic isolation, now more than ever, our goal is to provide the scientifically backed benefits of artistic education (improved self-esteem, social skills, empathy) for historically excluded youth who do not have the same access to supportive spaces and adult figures.

Our Programs

With our mission in mind, we provide a variety of learning options (in-person and online) for accessibility and wider reach.

In-Person Afterschool Education

Aligned with traditional academic scheduling,

RCEP provides afterschool arts education through 12-week classes in the Fall and Spring, with additional programming in the summer and throughout the year.

In-Person Private Lessons

We also have in-person and online private lesson options.

Private Lessons can be scheduled based on instructor's availability

Online Options

Online Courses: Coming Soon!

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